I am trying to install Linux Mint 19 alongside Windows 10 in dual boot but on different drives. The reason why I am struggling with this are the particularities of my setup. I have four drives, two for data and one for every OS. The drives have different boot sectors, some still use MBR and the others use GPT. My motherboard uses UEFI and not BIOS.

This is my drive setup:

Disk 0     931 GB   MBR     Data
Disk 1    3726 GB   GPT     Data
Disk 2     223 GB   MBR     Linux Mint 19 (currently empty)
Disk 3     465 GB   GPT     Windows 10

This is my end goal:

  • Boot into grub2 where I can select what to boot
  • Have different partitions for / and /home on Linux
  • Windows 10 is already installed on disk 3 and may not be changed
  • Disk 0 and 1 hold important data and may not be changed as well

I have tried installing Linux Mint with and without manual partitioning, many times with slightly different configurations and partitions etc. But nothing worked properly. Here is the backstory about all this confusion.

How do I install Linux Mint on disk 2 together with grub so it recognizes Windows? What do I have to consider regarding the different boot sectors and UEFI?

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