I want to record some video tutorials with record desktop and webcam .
and open webcam with mpv player with this command :

mpv av://v4l2:/dev/video2   

I want to understand how can open webcam without window manager frame in KDE desktop environment ? enter image description here


For an one-time application, you can right-click the window title bar, and select "More Actions > No Border".

If you want a particular program's window to always be borderless, you could go to System Settings -> Window Management -> Window Rules, and define a rule that will automatically make that window borderless anytime the window is created.

  • Wowwww, Thank you men :) – mah454 Aug 1 at 9:01
  • Can do it with command line ? – mah454 Aug 1 at 9:03
  • I don't know, I haven't needed to do anything like that from the command line. Perhaps someone else will know? – telcoM Aug 1 at 9:04

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