I'm working on getting a custom xmodmap configuration set up and I can't for the life of me understand some of the behavior from the keycode NUMBER = KEYSYMNAME ... option.

See below for some quick examples to demonstrate what I mean.

Assume I have the following setup as the output of xmodmap -pke

keycode 41 d D d D

If I run xmodmap -e "keycode 41 = a", I get keycode 41 a A a A as the result.

Similarly, with xmodmap -e "keycode 41 = a b", I get keycode 41 a b a b as the result.

Again, with xmodmap -e "keycode 41 = a b c" I get keycode 41 a b c C as the result.

Finally, with xmodmap -e "keycode 41 = a b c d" I get keycode 41 a b c d as the result.

What in the world? All of these settings are entirely unintuitive, with the exception of the last one where I set all 4 spaces. Is this an example of undefined/undocumented behavior, or is this well-documented somewhere?

According to my understanding of this setting, the first one should result in simply keycode 41 a, the second in keycode 41 a b, and so on and so forth. Clearly, this is not what is happening. Does anyone have any insight as to why this may be?

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