I've installed git and tk, and I'm able to run git citool to display the Git GUI and create a single commit, after which the application exits. Unfortunately the git gui command itself says

git: 'gui' is not a git command. See 'git --help'

and so I'm stuck. How do I

  1. enable git gui as a command to
  2. show the Git GUI until I want to exit it?

Installing git and tk won't work on NixOS because git won't be able to see tk. Unlike most Linux distributions, NixOS doesn't have a global location (such as /usr/lib) for libraries. Instead, executables are modified in such a way that they are able to locate the libraries they need in the Nix store (/nix/store).

To use git gui install gitFull instead of git.

Both packages actually come from the same Nix expression, but when using gitFull the expression is applied such that it includes support for git gui.

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