We have a Ubuntu v18 system setup with the software that we needed and have in mind to create a single live USB which also holds the image of the system and is capable of dumping that to the host computer's main drive with absolute minimum user intervention.

Out production crew normally wouldn't have any technical capabilities of that level nor we want any user intervention in the sake of consistency and also the industrial computer berried inside multiple enclosures only exposes a single USB port, so I am curious if it possible to:

  1. Insert this USB stick which the system can boot from and also has the image
  2. Wait for countdowns, warnings that any contents will be wiped and upon finishing the countdown,
  3. Initiate a restore of our system preferably with a 0 to 100 counter.
  4. Show a BIG green font or screen with a message "Completed Successfully".
  5. So after removing the live USB, the system is capable of booting via its own drive in the Ubuntu system that we tweaked for this purpose.

I have a base knowledge of Linux and worked on the server editions with bash for a while setting up containers etc. but never had a chance to fiddle with Linux based live boots, images and scripts in details. We did the proof of concept on a NUC computer in the past and the industrial computer has a similar level of resources of a relatively new but cutdown mini PC with 4GB of ram if buffering needed. We are using v18 of Ubuntu (with a GUI and not the server with X11 unfortunately :( due to lack of time to set up) which should still be relatively lightweight.

  • That if it is possible to do so, and if yes, how to and what tools to use. I'm suspecting some sort of scripting will be involved if the suggestions were not to use a 3rd party software and go with examples of dd. So an example of such script would be great. – Mehrad Jul 30 '19 at 21:20

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