I ashed a question How to make Wordpress independent of hostname recently, and followed the advice by editing the mysql details.

This seemed quite successful and the Wordpress installation seemed to work.

I wanted to run wp-admin but could no longer login with the password.

I note passwords are stored in the database encrypted, so I guess this may involve the hostname.

My question is how can I reset/modify the password? There is a option to reset password by email, but this could not send an email (email probably never been used)

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    Changing the hostname does not invalidate existing passwords, only cookies. Something else is wrong. If you missed a spot updating the name it may try to log you in to the old location, which fails, but otherwise I'm not sure what that would be. – Michael Homer Jul 30 at 6:40
  • You can just use phpmyadmin and enter a new password using MD5 function. Quick research yields a lot of howto's. – pLumo Jul 30 at 7:09

I don't know what happened to the password (possibly it didn't work because it is salted) but I managed to reset with the following:-

Run mysql with sudo mysql -u root -p enter password

use wordpress;
SELECT ID, user_login, user_pass FROM wp_users;

Note ID of user


UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5('password') WHERE ID = 1;

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