I want to keep the session running in PuTTY.

unset TMOUT works for Bash but it doesn't work for ksh/Korn shell.

What is an alternative command for unset TMOUT in ksh?

  • try export TMOUT=0 – Bart Jul 29 at 10:09
  • @Bart export TMOUT=0 is not working . its timing out with - -ksh: timed out waiting for input – avinash Jul 29 at 10:34
  • just to add: We are using ksh93 version – avinash Jul 29 at 10:42
  • What does typeset -p TMOUT output? If the variable is declared as read only (-r in the output of that command), then you can't change it or unset it. – Kusalananda Jul 29 at 12:06
  • @Kusalananda the output of above command is empty (ie: no output) .I dont think its readonly. – avinash Jul 29 at 12:14

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