Is it possible to encrypt an existing dataset (including snapshots) in ZFS on Linux >= 0.8, e.g. by using send | recv and destruction of the original dataset?


Yes, it is. See this simple example (tested on ZoL 0.8.3).

If you would like to use a raw keyfile (rather than a passphrase):

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/keyfile bs=32 count=1
chmod 000 /path/to/keyfile

Create a snapshot first:

zfs snapshot -r tank/home@transfer

Then, as proposed, send | recv (with replication option -R), but provide your encryption options on the receive side:

zfs send -R tank/home@transfer |
    zfs receive \
        -o encryption=aes-256-gcm \
        -o keyformat=raw \
        -o keylocation=file:///path/to/keyfile \

If the original dataset is mounted, the new one will not be mounted straightaway:

cannot mount '/tank/home': directory is not empty

Destroy the unencrypted dataset and replace it with your new one:

zfs destroy -r tank/home
zfs rename tank/newhome tank/home

If your dataset does not have any children, mounting is easy:

zfs mount tank/home


zfs list -rH -o name tank/home | xargs -L 1 zfs mount

(or simply zfs mount -a if you don’t have other datasets which should not be mounted).

And that was about it!

Finally, destroy the snapshot, if you like:

zfs destroy -r tank/home@transfer
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