I'm looking to find the disk space on my current working directory... and then only look for directory sizes over 1TB in size... and then take that output, and ls -l all of those specific directories to find which users own those particular directories.

My current assumption would be something like this...

sudo du -sh * | sort -n | grep T

From doing this... I would at least show me the directory sizes over 1TB in size... but then I want to take that output and put it into ls -l, so that I can find the users that are using more than 1TB.

Any help would be so helpful. Thank you!

  • you might want to look into the quota tools. these can be used for per user/per group accounting as well as for setting limits to how much disk space a user or group can use. – cas Jul 26 at 3:26

With GNU tools you could do:

du -0ht 1T * | sed -z 's/^.*[[:blank:]]\+//' | xargs -0 ls -ld

You might also want to use . in place of * on the du command to include "hidden" directories, i.e. those whose name begins with .

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