On reboot, my new installation of Debian 10 (amd64) only spits out a GRUB shell. The operating system is not loading. My disk is GPT, with the first parititon being ESP (/dev/sda1), formatted FAT32 with both 'boot' and 'efi' flags set. I will also note that when mounted, /dev/sda1 shows a directory structure beginning with /EFI. I also noticed that /dev/sda1 shows up in /etc/fstab, but not in /etc/mtab. The second (/dev/sda2) partition is an ecrypted LVM containing the root filesystem (formatted as ext4). I can unlock this partition and mount root using the CD's Rescue Mode. Is there a way to get my system booting, without having to run setup over again? Thanks in advance.


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Not really the solution I was looking for, but shrinking the ESP to make room for an unencrypted /boot then re-installing Debian seemed the easiest path. It was a new installation, so nothing was really lost anyways.

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