I have a console-only SSH-based pivot box inside a remote location. I want a console or ncurses-based tool that shows me active real-time information on which hosts are up. IP, hostname, etc. Something like this must exist?

This is NOT for SMB/Samba shares. I am NOT looking for shared folders or resources. I want a local, real-time list of all hostnames and IP addresses on the local network (maybe other info if available).

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    nmap is the linux port/os detection tool, has a very comprehensive manual page man nmap and many examples on the web. – X Tian Jul 24 at 9:21
  • I use nmap every day but it does not help with my question. – stone.212 Jul 24 at 9:41
  • You might look at iftop or netstat -c to print continuous network info. I also researched ntop, ntopng and sntop, but didn't really get them running on my machine. – Sparrow1029 Aug 30 at 4:41

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