The method of using ctrl + shift and clicking on the item in the file manager does not work.

Is there another method to achieve the creation of a symlink from the desktop?

thanks for any hint


You can use Thunar Custom Actions to achieve this. In Thunar, go to Edit > Configure custom actions... > then the plus button.

In the command box, you can put the following:
ln -s %f ~/Desktop/

Under the Appearance Conditions tab, use an asterisk in the File Pattern box. Then check everything. Click OK.

Now when you right click a file it will give the option to create a symbolic link. It'll put it on the ~/Desktop. However, from there you can drag it where you like, and it'll still work.

(FYI, in Debian 10, there is a bug where your Thunar Custom Actions do not appear on the ~/Desktop for right click.)

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