I'm looking at if I can have a bash/python script that triggers a command based on the IP address Linux has received via DHCP.


  • DHCP received: /24 runs command XYZ
  • DHCP received: /24 run command XYZ02

Is this possible to do and what would the command be. I'm thinking it prob basic with a variable on reading IP address, but not sure.



It depends on your DHCP client.

For example, dhclient has the option -sf:

-sf script-file
Path to the network configuration script invoked by dhclient when it gets a lease.

Many other DHCP clients also have options to call scripts. There you can examine the address and do what you want.

  • my DHCP client is a raspberry Pi running Debian. – Roa872 Jul 20 at 16:09
  • @Roa872: No it's not. Raspberry pi is hardware and Debian is a linux distribution. Neither are DHCP clients. – Jesse_b Jul 20 at 16:28
#!/usr/bin/env perl 

$result = `dhclient -v 2>&1 | grep bound | cut -d' ' -f3`;

if ($result eq '') {
    `echo doing XYZ`;
elsif ($result eq '') {
    `echo doing XYZ02`;
else {
    print "[$result]\n";

You must run the script with sudo because dhclient requires elevated permission

sudo perl script.pl

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