I'm sending a ZFS snapshot over the network. However, unlike most of the examples where there's a zfs recv on the other side, my server doesn't have zfs support and I'm just saving it as a huge file.

The issue is, that I want to zfs send using a cron job, but I periodically hibernate my computer. What I'm scared is that I'll start a backup, hibernate, time-out my ssh connection, and unfortunately when ssh (zfs send POOL/vol@snap | ssh user@server "cat > /backup.zfs" - this seems quite ugly and probably could be improved) times out, zfs still returns 0.

Is there a way to get a hash (md5, sha, crc, it doesn't matter) of what would be sent so that I can compare it afterwards to the result file, or would I have to send it twice, once to md5 and again to the server?

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