I added export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_x86 to ~/.bashrc, which is the installation path used by Wine -- default to ~/.wine if unset. I am pretty new to the concept of login/non-login shell, interactive/non-interactive shell, but from what I've studied so far, scripts inside ~/.bashrc are executed on non-login session and will be called during login session anyway. So theoretically I will have WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_x86 on both login and non-login sessions, while the interactive mode can be anything.

I logged in using graphical interface, fired up a terminal, seemed good:

livy@lubuntu:~$ printenv WINEPREFIX


In fact it is good if I continue to run Wine from terminal. But if I double clicking a .exe or .lnk on the file manager, which is automatically opened by Wine, it switches back to the default ~/.wine wineprefix. It seems my code inside ~/.bashrc was not sourced in this case. Why and how can I remedy this issue?

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