I have a Raspberry Pi 3b connected to an AT&T hotspot in an attempt to monitor and access devices at a remote location.

From the Pi, I can browse to whatismyipaddress.com, ipchicken.com, iplocation.net or google, and they all show the same IP in the 107.77 range (AT&T Mobility).

No-IP's Dynamic Update Utility registers my IP in the 166.137 range (AT&T Wireless).

Poking around I found that using dig from dnsutils I get the IP address reported to no-ip (166.137)

Is there a reason this happens? Is it because this is an LTE hotspot? Is there a way to verify the correct address and force noip2 to use the correct source?

  • did you check with no-ip support and/or docs? – Bart Jul 16 at 14:12

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