As per procfs man

 (39) processor  %d  (since Linux 2.2.8)
                        CPU number last executed on.

I can see, there is -1 value for some tasks

$ cat /proc/1185/task/1283/stat | awk '{print $39}'


$ cat /proc/1283/stat | awk '{print $39}'

Top shows 3 for this thread. (in thread mode and selecting P = Last Used Cpu (SMP) field)

What does this -1 signifies, which processor number it corresponds to?

Also, why this number is greater than existing cpu sometimes,

$ cat /proc/1800/stat | awk '{print $39}'
$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/online
$ ps -eLo pid,psr | grep 1800
 1800  14

What exactly (39) processor represents in /proc/[pid[/stat file ?

Seems, like lack of documentation.

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This is my silly mistake

I am adding here instead of deleting , in case someone also does this mistake

 comm  %s
                        The filename of the executable, in parentheses.  This is  visible  whether  or
                        not the executable is swapped out.

If comm has space/s, No of fields differ and 39th field doesn't remain 39th being split by space.

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