First of I know this might be considered a duplicate question, but the answers given on the other questions did not help.

So i've tried about every Debain and Arch based distro, and now settled on Arch, but in all the distro's i've had the same problem, brightness doesn't respond... I do know a way to make the brightness respond, I have to boot to the Mac Drive picker/BIOS thingy and pick the drive that GRUB has labeled "Windows" but I don't want to use GRUB, without GRUB I can only pick EFI (the "Windows" option is not there)

now my question is:

How do I apply a bootable frag to my GPT Root partition without installing GRUB?

Symptoms: The brightness indicator does respond, the screen itself stays at full brightness (to a point I can feel the heat radiate through my shirt)

(please don't give me bullshit answers like "set your display to vendor" This is not the fix, I've tried.)

(rEFInd also doesn't work, I have made the mistake of installing this ones, never again)

This is not a Arch related bug!

only modifications I have made on my iMac are: RAM upgrade from 4GB to 10GB (this is not the cause of the bug)

I currently only use bootctl as boot manager

iMac12.1 specs (2.5 GHZ 21.5 inch)

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