I have a systemd.service that run a script who can takes a long (like a couple of hours) or short time to finish, and when the script finishes it needs to call a cleanup script. My systemd.service file uses Type=oneshot.

The user can stop the service at any time, but then the cleanup script needs to be called.

I would like the service to be seen as active while the start script is running.

At the moment I have put the cleanup script in ExecStop and it seems to work. But sometimes I see that the service is failed, and I think that may be because of the long duration of the start script.

Can someone help me to understand how to achieve this with systemd please?

  • Regarding the service failure, there should be a message logged about the failure. sudo systemctl status should also show when it failed. If you want help understanding the service failure, you will need to ask a question including showing details about systemctl status, or at minimum the log messages, plus the .service file... I don't think the failure will be related to the long duration. (I mentioned earlier, Type=oneshot does not have a timeout by default. And the default timeout for other types is 90 seconds. So IMO, it would be easy to tell if the problem was a timeout.)
    – sourcejedi
    Jul 16, 2019 at 13:06
  • You want your cleanup script to run if the service fails, as well as when it is stopped normally, is that right? (As you commented in your previous question)
    – sourcejedi
    Jul 16, 2019 at 13:09

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Note that the commands specified in ExecStop= are only executed when the service started successfully first. They are not invoked if the service was never started at all, or in case its start-up failed, for example because any of the commands specified in ExecStart=, ExecStartPre= or ExecStartPost= failed (and weren't prefixed with "-", see above) or timed out. Use ExecStopPost= to invoke commands when a service failed to start up correctly and is shut down again.


Additional commands that are executed after the service is stopped. [...] It is recommended to use this setting for clean-up operations that shall be executed even when the service failed to start up correctly.

I think you want to use ExecStopPost=.

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