How to know the size of the file from an absolute path. For example, I have created a file test. Inside that file, I have specified the absolute paths of some other files. Now from the given file how to find the size of the absolute path?

du -sh filename gives --> file size
du -sh $filename gives --> current working directory size.
  • $filename is the content of the variable filename, not the absolute path to filename. – muru Jul 16 '19 at 7:33

Try this,

We should pass the content of the test file as an argument to find the size of absolute path mentioned in it.

du -sh `cat test`
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  • works only when the filenames do not contain spaces. – pLumo Jul 16 '19 at 7:34

You can use --files0-from option from du:

summarize disk usage of the NUL-terminated file names specified in file > F; if F is -, then read names from standard input

As I guess, that your files are not NUL-terminated, but newline-terminated, you need to replace \n with \0 first. This will of course break for filenames containing \n.

tr '\n' '\0' < filenames | du -sh --files0-from=-

Alternatively, you could simply use xargs:

xargs -a filenames -d '\n' du -sh
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