Please advice below questions:

Under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, there are 2 configuration interface files (ifcfg-enp0s3 and ifcfg-lo) as shown in network-scripts content

I type ifconfig and it shows me lo, eth0 and eth1 as shown in result of command ifconfig

Question 1: Why host only adapter (eth1) is missing in network-scripts?

Question 2: Why ifconfig is showing as eth when it's enp0s in network-scripts?

I used systemctl status network and systemctl status NetworkManager to confirm both services are down.

Question 3: Why I was able to ping google when all network services are down?

Network status is down as shown in status of network

NetworkManager status is down as shown in status of Network Manager

Able to ping Goole as shown in able to ping Google


Your "status of network" provides no details about why something failed in a systemd script. ifconfig shows them as up and you presumably have a default route, so ping works. Network manager isn't a real-time controller, and it usually gets in the way if you want to do anything the least bit odd, so its status isn't useful.

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