Can someone help please?

I already did some research and found:

  1. Linux Respin completely messed up my system when trying to install dependencies (removed a lot of packages I needed) - at least I am using a VM so I could revert to a snapshot
  2. Trying Linux Live Kit I am building a tentative ISO while writing this post - will keep you updated even though I am not confident it will work as I wish

I also read about MX Linux which has a tool called MX Snapshot. Can that utility be used on Debian?

I would appreciate if anyone has further ideas and recommendations since I really want to get this thing done the proper way... I used to use SystemBack way back but now it is not being maintained anymore I guess...


  • Thanks @K7AAY - will have to change the base of my distro to Ubuntu then I guess... – tuxbud Jul 18 '19 at 8:58

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