I have two peripherals(SSD and USB) connected to my system.

Command: lsblk -S Output: NAME HCTL TYPE VENDOR MODEL REV TRAN sda 1:0:0:0 disk ATA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 023 sata sdb 2:0:0:0 disk Mushkin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0 usb

How do I find from udevadm info that sda is SSD?

I checked with property ID_ATA_ROTATION_RATE_RPM of udevadm info. if this set to 0 then it is an SSD. But, when I checked this property with the devices(sda & sdb) it was set to 0 for both.

I cross-checked sda by running cat /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational it returned 0

whereas, for sdb by running cat /sys/block/sdb/queue/rotational it returned 1 (I am not sure how it set ID_ATA_ROTATION_RATE_RPM to 0 for sdb)

Is there any other way apart from ID_ATA_ROTATION_RATE_RPM from udevadm info that I can distinguish between SSD and other peripheral?

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