I just bought a new Thinkpad E495 with 16 GB (8x2) of RAM. I understand that some amount of memory is reserved for the system. Basing on other discussions I've read online, 2.4 GB is a very substantial amount to be reserved. On this machine, using multiple different distros, I only have access to 13.6 GB out of 16 GB.

System information window.

Why can I access only 13.6 GB?
I can confirm the memory works because, using the Lenovo hardware diagnostic tool, all tests pass and it recognizes all the 16 GB.

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    Note that apart from anything else, you bought 14.9 GiB of memory (16 GB), so it's 1.3 GiB (1.4 GB) that seems to be reserved, not 2.4 GB. – Kusalananda Jul 15 at 7:25
  • And that is a quite normal reserved memory for integrated graphics. – GabrielaGarcia Jul 15 at 16:45

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