If I do a standard boot of Linux Mint, it goes to the Login Screen, but as soon as I login, it flashes the desktop then the entire screen switches off - including the back light. Luckily, if I boot to Recovery Mode then 'resume', Linux boots normally. The only not-normal thing is when I login from 'resume' In recovery mode, there are strange shapes that appear on the screen made up from the desktop icons and picture.

Some things which I have tried:

  • Running the various options in Recovery Mode
  • Re-installing mate-screensaver
  • Upgrading the entire system
  • Deleting Heavy Duty apps - E.g. TeamViewer
  • Running sudo dpkg --configure -a
  • Running sudo apt-get install -f

None of these things have worked.

I'm not sure if this is relevant but when I run lspci | grep -i --color 'vga\|3d\|2d'

The output is: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 520 (rev 0a)

Any Ideas?

Thank You.

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Finally I have fixed the problem. Booting with the 'nomodeset' option fixed everything, for more details, have a look at this page.

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