I have CentOS 7.6.1810 with 'server with GUI' option selected at install time. I also installed terminator, I am looking for a way to change the default terminal on CentOS to become terminator, I tried the following:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

The above does nothing on CentOS, but it works OK on Debian and Ubuntu:

myuser@Debian:~$ sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator
sudo: unable to resolve host Debian: Temporary failure in name resolution
[sudo] password for oshaker: 
There are 6 choices for the alternative x-terminal-emulator (providing /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator).

  Selection    Path                             Priority   Status
* 0            /usr/bin/terminator               50        auto mode
  1            /usr/bin/koi8rxterm               20        manual mode
  2            /usr/bin/lxterm                   30        manual mode
  3            /usr/bin/terminator               50        manual mode
  4            /usr/bin/uxterm                   20        manual mode
  5            /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal.wrapper   40        manual mode
  6            /usr/bin/xterm                    20        manual mode

Press <enter> to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number: 

Any clues on CentOS?

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CentOS doesn't use the 'alternatives' system for 'x-terminal-emulator'. You can tell GNOME to launch a particular terminal emulator when it asks for it (as the other answer provideS), but it won't change any of the launchers in the menu.

  • I better stick with debian then as it provides what I need, thank you
    – elekgeek
    Jul 16, 2019 at 19:24

you can try the following command to switch it to assumeng you have it already installed if not execute the following command: sudo yum install terminator

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec /usr/bin/terminator
  • Thank you, but this is not working, terminal is still gnome-terminal
    – elekgeek
    Jul 14, 2019 at 21:20

How about creating a soft link like ln -s /usr/bin/terminator <default-terminal-path>?


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