I am using Manjaro like this guy: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/how-to-enable-kinetic-scrolling-with-libinput-driver/36488 And my system comes with libinput. Unfortunately libinput does not have kinetic scrolling out of the box. Is it possible to enable it?

An alternative that I used before was synaptics, which has inferior palm rejection instead. But I am thinking about still switching back. So is this one a pick your poison?


Let me reword my askubuntu answer to the similar question

There's a technical reason why libinput didn't implement it. It's part of FAQ, which in particular has a link to this bugreport. TL;DR of which: kinetic scrolling being implemented in synaptics turned out to be a design mistake. It led to nasty bugs, such as that if you scrolled, and pressed Ctrl before scroll stopped, the app you're scrolling would trigger zoom-in or zoom-out. It's because kinetic scrolling is implemented by continuous sending of scrolling events, and the app have no way to differ real and fake scroll events.

Worse: the proper way to implement that is in GUI toolkits, i.e. GTK+ and Qt (and maybe EFL, though it's little known outside of Enlightement Desktop Environment), but if you have kinetic scrolling in driver + kinetic scrolling in toolkit — you can expect this to end up in mess.

GTK+ have implemented kinetic scrolling, e.g. it works for me in evince app, version 3.30 for evince, and 3.24 for GTK.

Qt I don't know. I found some blog-post saying that kinetic scrolling was implemented for everything in 2009, but I can't reproduce it in Okular, nor Qutebrowser, nor Kate, so it's definitely untrue.

  • Unlike the synaptics driver, libinput also has access to keyboard events, it can easily stop the coasting when a new event is arrived.
    – rustyx
    Nov 9 at 22:10
  • @rustyx however it can't do anything if a user moved a cursor elsewhere while kinetic movement is ongoing. So it may result in unintended scroll of a widget that you didn't actually scroll.
    – Hi-Angel
    Nov 9 at 22:32

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