I am making a shared library using C language. This lib has a dependencies from libjpeg and X api. I am building it on Ubuntu 18.04 OS and to build it I use the following command: gcc mycode.c -o libname.so --shared -lX11 -lXss -lXExt -ljpeg -fPIC.

I want to use this library on debian based operating systems, for example Debian OS. When I call functions of this library on Debian 9.9, I receive an exception Unable to load a file libname.so or one of it's dependencies. But when I build this C code with the same command on Debian and further use it - all is working.

I assume that the problem is in libjpeg because on Ubuntu I use library called libjpeg but there is no library with the same name on Debian and I use libjpeg-turbo.

Help me please to realize how to build my library in Ubuntu and then use it on other Debian based systems.

Also, I want to mention that I am not an expert at Linux distributions and difference between them, and if things that I want to do are impossible, sorry for time wasting.

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    Could you edit your question to show the exact error you’re getting, with the real library name, including numbers, instead of libname.so? Jul 12, 2019 at 6:16

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When you do:

ldd path/to/your/libname.so

on the Debian system then ldd will show you what it thinks that library links to and whether the ld.so will be able to resolve/find the listed libraries.

That should show you what the actual problem is and which dependency/library you are missing on the Debian system.

Even better would be to do:

ldd path/to/the/executable_that_links_to_libname

because that would show you (and us here) the information you've omitted above.

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