This is a Debian build of Linux Mint, but should be able to work on other versions of Linux. When I try to log in, it looks like I am able to enter the workspace, then it spits out an error of

Could not update file ICEauthority /home/user/.ICEauthority

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How to fix this is: Boot up, and when you are prompted to log in, hit Ctrl + Alt + F1.

When the terminal opens, type your user name, then the password. You now should be in your account/user from the terminal. From there type:

sudo chown username:groupname /home
sudo chown username:groupname /home/username
sudo chown username:groupname /home/username/.ICEauthority

If you don't know your groupname, typically it is your username, but to check use id -gn. Once you have typed the three sudo chown commands correctly, hit on of these:

Ctrl + Alt + F7
Alt + F7
Ctrl + Alt + F8

This now should've moved you back to the main GUI log in page. Log in and you now should be able to access your account/user in GUI mode


I know this is old but I found my problem;

sudo chown username:groupname /home/username/.ICEauthority

This is what I needed so I hope any other will find this and get it working.

I got this after I wanted to start into CLI by systemctl, but then I couldn't start GUI and hours went by searching, until now by using: (not exactly correct but you get the idea)

systemctl set-default.target multi-user.target

and the above fixed it.

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