I'm looking to delete every line before the IP address of the local host. I'm grepping the host's IP address successfully via:

grep `hostname` /etc/hosts | awk '{print $1}'

Now I'm looking how to implement this via sed. Example (not working):

cat file | sed '/echo `grep `hostname` /etc/hosts | awk '{print $1}'`/,$!d'

How to include my commands into sed?


You want

 sed -n "/$(hostname)/,\$ p" /etc/hosts

Based on your awk example, I think the solution you want is:

sed -ne "s/[[:blank:]]*$(hostname)$//p" /etc/hosts

$ hostname
$ grep $(hostname) /etc/hosts         foo.example.com
$ sed -ne "s/[[:blank:]]*$(hostname)$//p" /etc/hosts

By the way, whenever you write a command list that involves grep piped to awk, they can often be combined:

$ awk "/$(hostname)/"'{print $1}' /etc/hosts

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