I have installed Windows 10 and Linux Mint on two separated physical SSD Grub isn't visible while starting; I am able to load windows or Gnu/Linux by manually changing the load priority in BIOS. I have tried to change windows settings. Specially I unchecked "Turn On fast startup" option in

Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options -> Chose what the power buttons do

I've reinstalled grub from Gnu/Linux using command:

sudo grub-install /dev/sda1

Also I've tried to change GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT in /etc/default/gruband updated, using command update-grub

UEFI mode disabled in BIOS.

Please tell me what can I do in this case?


What you see is a direct result of UEFI and your installation choices: you decided to install grub and Mint on /deb/sdb and the Windows boot manager on /dev/sda and it works!.

You could install grub on /dev/sda as well and then it will show Windows and Mint, but I would not do that as major updates to W10 sometimes break grub and then you have to do a boot-repair.

Don't do anything because you have the best of both worlds now, and it's now much harder for W10 to mess up Mint and for Mint to mess up W10.

If you insist on having Grub as your boot loader,

  1. Make a full system backup using CloneZilla Live
  2. Take a data backup using W10 and Mint utilities just in case (1 copy does not make a Backup and all that)
  3. Run boot-repair and see if that solves the problem automatically for you.
  4. Review your install and ensure Mint is installed in UEFI mode
  5. Manually install grub on /dev/sdb
  6. Reboot
  • I think there is a way to tell grub about additional OSs (including those on different devices). – ctrl-alt-delor Jul 11 at 8:18
  • I think the OP doesn't have a bootloader, they're not seeing the EFI boot menu: they say they need to change the boot priority in the BIOS. And grub is installed on /dev/sda1, not sdb. That's probably the issue. – terdon Jul 11 at 8:31
  • i've followed by second answer with boot-repair and it works for me, thanks! – Uladzimir Khadakouski Jul 11 at 17:22

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