In mpv, there's the --start switch, which allows me to provide a number of seconds to skip. This way I can start playback at a random moment in a single file. Great.

Now, there's --shuffle which allows me to start playback at a random file within a given playlist. Good.

Now, if I combine those, doing something like mpv --shuffle --start $POSITION --playlist=/tmp/list.m3u, this will A) choose a random file and B) start playback at a random moment in that file.

However, the --start parameter will be considered for each and every file that follows later on in the list as well and those will also have their first X seconds skipped. I don't want that.

Is there a way to have --start only affect the very first file played?

(Currently I invoke mpv twice, in sequence, but that's ugly.)

Or, even better, get mpv at a completely random moment in the random playlist. So, if the list is 123 minutes, it would start at 31 minutes 13 seconds, regardless of how far or not that would be into the file.

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