I use Archlinux, with acpid to configure the laptop lid behavior rather than systemd.

Currently, I have it set so vbetool sets dpms off when the lid is closed, and reopening the lid sets it back on. However, sometimes (roughly 1 in every 10 lid openings, doesn't happen with a particular pattern), setting the dpms back on fails to work. Once I close and reopen again, everything is fine.

Any ideas why that might be? Or how I can get more info about what's going wrong?

UPDATE: I got this behavior to occur while I was on the framebuffer, and here is what it output:

[drm:intel_enable_transcoder] *ERROR* failed to enable transcoder 0

If someone has an idea on what I can do from this point, that'd be fantastic.

  • Well, have you tried the obvious, sleep a second and try turning it on again? – derobert Oct 26 '12 at 15:38

That error was output by the kernel. You could try upgrading the kernel to see if the problem's been fixed.

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