I have a setup consisting of a raspberry pi 3 connected to a raspberry pi zero via OTG usb connection. I have followed the following tutorial exactly: http://raspberryjamberlin.de/zero360-part-2-connecting-via-otg-a-cluster-of-raspberry-pi-zeros-to-a-pi-3/#OTG

In my ‘/etc/udev/rules.d/90-panocluster.rules’ in pi3 I have:

SUBSYSTEM=="net", ATTR{address}=="00:22:82:ff:ff:01", NAME="ethpi1"

On the zero I have changed the required settings as well.

I am having an issue where if the zero and the pi3 are connect when I power on the pi3, ifconfig will always show usb0 instead of ethpi1. If I boot up pi3 first and then connect the zero, either usb0 or ethpi1 can show up. If I reconnected the pi zero's usb (as many times as needed) ethpi1 will show up.

Does anyone know what is causing this annoying issue?

  • Did you figure out the solution? I'm also having the same issue. – yannis Nov 19 at 14:02
  • @yannis No I disconnected and reconnected until the correct name as a work around. – bakalolo Nov 21 at 1:54

I used "contactless/hubpower" on github to switch off the power to the USB ports and switch them on again. You can follow the instructions found in this thread here. The renaming of the interfaces works automatically if you followed the tutorial you mention (here).

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