I have a problem with my installation of Arch. I had recently uninstalled it as I wanted a clean install. I installed it up to the point of rebooting after installing and configuring GRUB with microcodes enabled. I rebooted and thought everything was going well. GRUB loaded up seemlessly like it always has. This time however, instead of loading up the Arch Linux CLI like it normally does, it shows two entries, a line telling me what is booting up and a second line telling me that my disk has been mounted and is ready to go. As soon as that second line comes in my screen immediately turns black. My computer then stops emitting a HDMI output and stops displaying to the monitor entirely.

I do have windows also on another partiton, but it is not using GRUB to boot and is on a HDD. My graphics card is an RTX 2080 that I have had a few issues with linux in the past before, but never this bad and only on linux and not on windows.

  • Please boot from a LiveUSB instead and advise if the misbehavior persists. Please click edit and put that in the question; please don't click Add Comment because that's info all should see in the question. – K7AAY Jul 9 at 18:57

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