I have a zipped file (using Winrar) and the size of it is more than 4GB from Windows 10. I've already dumped the file in Unix Server and I want to unzip the file but the error always shows:

Code: unzip filename.zip

unzip: cannot find or open filename.zip, filename.zip.zip or filename.zip.ZIP.

Note that the zip file contains .csv files (more than 50 files)

Kindly help me. Thanks

  • When I try to trace the problem using "strace unzip filename.zip" the error was, "ERROR: unable to open /dev/log" – Ace Jul 9 at 5:28
  • I try 'll filename.zip', unknown command. – Ace Jul 9 at 5:35
  • try ls -l filename.zip – msp9011 Jul 9 at 5:36
  • are you unzipping the file from a different path?please confirm your working directory and the directory your file is actually in is the same? – FrontENG Jul 9 at 5:53
  • 1
    Please edit your question and add how you list the files and the output of it. – pLumo Jul 9 at 8:45

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