I am using GParted.

It shows partition name and a label.

I found their difference in What is the difference between a name and a label in gparted?

I found how to change Partition label in How do I change the “label” reported by lsblk?

I want to change Partition Name stored in the partition table (not label). How can I do that?


A) Make a list of partitions with lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,LABEL,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT

B) Unmount the partition with umount /xyz -l where /xyz is the partition to change. If it's your boot partition you wish to rename, well, boot with a LiveUSB. The process for making a LiveUSB will vary depending on your distro, but here's a Windows and Ubuntu process.

C) Launch gparted and do Choose: Partition then pick /xyz and select Name Partition which will show Set partition name in the /path-to-partition dialog.

D) Type in the name you want to use, then Apply the change.

E) Remount the partition with /mount /newname -l.

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