I've got a logical volume on my virtual Debian server and it seems to be missing.

I've tried to active it by issuing lvchange -ay or vgchange -ay and the result was:

Refusing activation of partial LV srv/vmails. Use '--activationmode partial' to override.

By adding '--activationmode partial I can active the logical volume and after mounting the volume everything seems fine.

I tried running pvscan -v and it lists all corresponding physical volumes but also states that:

There are 4 physical volumes missing.

But they're not, they're up and running!

I can verify that by running blkid on drive and comparing the results with UUIDs in /etc/lvm/backup/srv. However it is notable that some of these PVs are marked with missing flag in /etc/lvm/backup/srv and also /etc/lvm/archive:

flags = ["MISSING"]

Also running pvs shows all of the physical volumes but as you can see some of them are marked as missing:

PV                     VG         Fmt  Attr 
/dev/vdd               srv        lvm2 a-m

Running lvs -v:

There are 4 physical volumes missing.
There are 4 physical volumes missing.

LV        VG      #Seg  Attr        Maj Min KMaj KMin 
vmails    srv       6   -ri-----p-  -1  -1   -1   -1

What does this missing means?
How can I diagnose or fix the issue?


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Once a device is marked as missing (such as if it cannot be found during a scan and the volume group is activated in "partial" mode), it may need to be manually restored.


This resolution only applies to situation where the device is available, contains the expected metadata, and shows up in the output of lvm scans.

vgextend --restoremissing <volume group> <physical volume>

In my case, I first removed missing flag from physical volumes using the command mentioned above. Then I did run a fsck on the logical volume, seems it was not unmounted cleanly. It solved the issue.

Solution from here
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