At Raspbian, there is a /boot/cmdline.txt file where the option fsck.repair can be defined.

As far as I know, the valid values are:

  • yes (always repair)
  • no (never repair)
  • preen (default; repair if it is safe)

What I actually want is "ask/interactive mode" before a repair.

This is what I am doing at the moment:

  • At the moment, I have the setting "fsck.repair=preen".
  • If the system won't boot due to an error, I have to go into the emergency console.
  • But when I am inside the emergency console, I cannot run fsck, because I am working on the mounted filesystem, and checking it while it is mounted, would damage it. Raspbian does not seem to have a real emergency mode that works "outside" the file system (e.g. in an RAM disk).
  • So I have to set fsck.repair=yes in the emergency console, then reboot, wait for the repair, and then when the system is booted again, I set fsck.repair to preen again.

Is there anything that I can do better? Any way to make the system asking me before doing repairs?

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You cannot really set an interactive fsck during boot. The only options for fsck.repair are:

  • preen will automatically repair problems that can be safely fixed
  • yes will answer yes to all questions
  • no will answer no to all questions.

Try also setting fsck.mode apart from fsck.repair:


One of auto, force, skip. Controls the mode of operation. The default is auto, and ensures that file system checks are done when the file system checker deems them necessary. force unconditionally results in full file system checks. skip skips any file system checks.

setting this to force should run fsck on every boot automatically (non-interactively).

  • Yes, I am using fsck.mode=force since I am kinda paranoid ;-) But is there anything I can do to make the procedure easier? It feels wrong that I have to edit the boot parameters just to enable fsck repairs, then reboot+repair and then disable the repair boot parameter again. Jul 7, 2019 at 15:34

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