How do I install zutils on CentOS7? I want to use the zutils version of zgrep.

I tried yum install zutils but it didn't work.


Zgrep is available on Centos 7 and doesn't need to install.Also for zcat and zcmp. You don't need to install zutils.But the install from rpm command after download it with

RPM -ivh /Package name

could help you.


I'm unaware of any zutils RPM for CentOS and rpmfind doesn't list any. So you may need to compile and install it yourself.

NOTE: You need to be careful about replacing OS binaries with third party ones.

To start with, the gzip package is a core dependency in CentOS 7. If you overwrite /usr/bin/zgrep with the zutils version then you'll probably find it gets switched back to the gzip version whenever there's an update of the gzip package.

So if you do want to use zutils then you'll need to make sure it's elsewhere on the machine (eg in /usr/local/bin or /opt/bin) and PATH points to that.

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