When I run fsck in recovery mode, it says that sda3 is mounted.

/dev/sda3 is mounted

e2fsck: cannot continue, aborting.

However, when I try to umount sda3, it is busy.

umount: /: target is busy.

How can I clean my filesystem?


To check the root file system, you should

touch /forcefsck

and reboot. That will force a fsck before the root file system is mounted.

  • This doesn't work on systems with systemd. – BeeOnRope Jan 28 at 20:14

Try to list of open files under issue mount point

lsof | grep -i mountpoint

Kill the process id which listing below.

Second method: fuser -cv mountpoint and kill the process id which listing. Then try with below command to umount:

umount -l mountpoint
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