I need to access a remote machine via a high latency, slow connection. It uses x11vnc and I want it to broadcast video in much lower quality than what's actually on the screen. First thing that comes to mind is to use less colours (e.g. 8 bit), but it can be anything, as long as the remote machine is responsive even though it may, for example, show a large rich-colour desktop image (which I don't need to see anyway). Something like this, except for x11vnc.

I will, however, appreciate keeping all the text sharp because, I work with the terminal.

Here's what I tried:

I'm using the built-in Screen Sharing app, which seems to be almost the only option on Mac OS.

I'm out of ideas. Please help.

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This can be done on the VNC client side, rather than server side.

As for Mac alernatives, try VNC Viewer or UltraVNC.

Both are good, fast and configurable.

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