I'm setting up Ubuntu 18.04, and trying the Ubuntu auth users with Google accounts from my G Suite. That's the idea, but after search about that, I can't find much information for this. Any ideas?.


There's a PAM module for google Authentication. On your system the following command shows the package details.

$ apt show libpam-google-authenticator

You can read about it at Github here:


  • I read about that, but this module, If I understand it, set a second factor auth, not work for auth with google account. – Daniel Gonzalez Jul 4 '19 at 15:44

What you need is centralised authentication, something like LDAP.

If you use a tool like Okta, you can indirectly tie GSuite to AD (or an LDAP server). And then of course you can tie OpenSSH there as well.

  • Thanks, in my work, we have LDAP, and the G-Suite authenticate with LDAP, linux too, but my idea, If is possible, was authenticate with the google account, for example, the user login in linux with username@mydomain.com and password in the LDAP. – Daniel Gonzalez Jul 4 '19 at 15:47

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