Right now I have a archlinux systemd installation that gives me a console login on tty1 to tty6. I see that with this @getty service systemd has an elegant way to fire up an array of ttys. The result is just like with old sysvinit where you normally got, and still can get, 6 ttys on runlevel 2 (multi user), and maybe an automatic GUI tty on tty7. Sometimes you "waste" a tty when you start Xorg. The --keeptty option seems to control that, lately.

Correctly defined, the alt-Fx (and also alt-arrow) always work, don't they?

They are somehow hardcoded in Linux and linked with the concpet of a virtual terminal. Xorg catches it, but then the ctrl-alt-Fx always works.

I have 12 function keys in three groups. I would like to have four normal ttys in the first group F1 to F4. Then F5 would be Xorg and F9 Wayland. I found here that they can run both at the same time, just not displaying at the same time. Maybe F6 and F7 could be alternate xorg displays (rotation, resolution) beside :0., same for Wayland which I am about to install and test...I want to keep Xorg, but I need a change...

This is complex enough, but you should also consider login and basic security. After I "start a GUI" with a spontaneous xinit fvwm from any console tty, I cannot choose a user (if I wanted) and I cannot logout or "lock" the tty, I have to stop Xorg (if other users or people were around).

The word here, of course, is display manager, or login session. I would need one if more than one user wanted to use my system (one after the other. or at the same time with a second kbd and screen?!?). But it is only me, maybe in the future split up into root and a normal user.

One big Q I have is:

Is there a direct connection between display management / TTY configuration and internet security ("firewall")?

I feel in my situation I don't have to worry about my displays and F1-F12 (I can set them up as I want, "open"). But I should worry about acces to my system from outside.

Is PAM the way to control all this in the end? --- in the end I would want to allow access from the outside, if it is me, via ssh or so. Right now I hope nothing is "open" except https:// for browsing.

(This is all in a private setting, so need not be 100% professional.)

And what about all the /dev/tty{13..69}?

I don't really want them. I had to mount devpts (pseudo terminals, created on demand) for xterm, that made sense. Doesn't this heap of unconfigured TTYs do more harm than good?

  • Could you please ask one question per SE question? Addressing this as it currently stand would involve display managers, network connections, TTY handling, keyboard handling, PAM, SSH, and device creation, which is far too broad. – Stephen Kitt Jul 3 at 14:42

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