There is a working DNS server in Windows Server 2016.
I installed and configured slave DNS server in Oracle Linux 7.
In windows server, I enabled BIND secondaries, and to Listen all ip addresses.

In Oracle Linux I have these configurations:


options {
    listen-on port 53 { any; };
    listen-on-v6 port 53 { ::1; };
    directory   "/var/named";
    dump-file   "/var/named/data/cache_dump.db";
    statistics-file "/var/named/data/named_stats.txt";
    memstatistics-file "/var/named/data/named_mem_stats.txt";
    allow-query     { any; };
    allow-transfer { any; };

    recursion yes;

    dnssec-enable yes;
    dnssec-validation yes;

    /* Path to ISC DLV key */
    bindkeys-file "/etc/named.iscdlv.key";

    managed-keys-directory "/var/named/dynamic";

    pid-file "/run/named/named.pid";
    session-keyfile "/run/named/session.key";

logging {
        channel default_debug {
                file "data/named.run";
                severity dynamic;

zone "." IN {
    type hint;
    file "named.ca";

zone "example.local" IN {
    type slave;
    masters {; };
    allow-transfer { any; };
    allow-query { any; };
    file "slaves/example.local";
    allow-update { any; };

zone "0.0.10.in-addr.arpa" IN {
    type slave;
    masters {; };
    allow-query { any; };
    allow-transfer { any; };
    file "slaves/example.local";
    allow-update { any; };

include "/etc/named.rfc1912.zones";
include "/etc/named.root.key";

IP address of Windows DNS server:
IP address of Linux slave DNS server:
Hostname of Windows DNS server: dc.example.local
Hostname of Linux slave DNS server: dc2.example.local

I have not manually created zone files in Linux server. As I read, it takes zone files from Windows.
But it does not take zone files.
What may be the reason?
PC: nslookup dc2.example.local does not return answer.

  • Any errors in logs? The DLV has been deprecated and phased out since at least 2015, be wary of following old pages. You also need underscores (_) when dealing with DNS windows zones, needing to use the directive check-names ignore;There is also an error in a duplicate file directive in your example. – Rui F Ribeiro Jul 3 at 13:08
  • @RuiFRibeiro, no error in logs. Ok, I will try with underscores. – it dev Jul 4 at 4:05
  • @RuiFRibeiro, it did not work – it dev Jul 4 at 4:23

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