Is 'sleep' based on the system clock or on time elapsed?

For example, if you execute:

sleep 1200

And immediately suspend your system for 10 minutes, will it end in another 10 minutes, or will it continue to wait for the full 20 minutes?

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    I don't think suspending the system affects the system clock like that; perhaps a direct change of time would be a better example? Jul 2, 2019 at 20:49

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Well I guess it was easy enough to test. After initiating a 5 minute sleep, I suspended the system for about 2 minutes. The answer?

Sleep is calculated using elapsed time of the process, not clock time.

date; sleep 300; date
Tue Jul  2 20:58:41 EDT 2019
Tue Jul  2 21:05:28 EDT 2019

This may have been predictable since man sleep(3) says:

System activity may lengthen the sleep by an indeterminate amount.

Which kind of implies the amount of time is internal to the sleep process.

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