There is a Windows Domain Server and DNS installed on it.
There are users in LAN and domain name is example.local .
Web server with IP address is written in that Windows DNS server like this:

 name_of_web   Host(A)

When users in that LAN type name_of_web in their browsers, webpage opens.
DNS is working, no problem. Hostname of this web server is: name_of_web.example.local

Now I installed DNS server in Linux.
My aim: to advertise this new DNS server to my branch offices.
For example, when staff of branch office types name_of_web in browser, webpage should open.
Staff of branch office has to add my DNS server ip address to network configurations, and I should open access to my DNS server in router, that is clear.

According to these, I have some questions:

1. In Linux DNS server, what do I have to write in the domain name? I mean, what will be my zone name?
2. How should I write A record for web server in right way?

It means I will have 2 DNS servers, and now web server is in 1st example.local domain.
PS: ip address of new Linux DNS server is

  • Which exactly DNS server did you install (there are many of them)? Did you try to read its documentation? – rush Jul 2 at 13:15
  • Additonally, in stead of manually managing the zone on two different boxes you should set up a master/slave relationship so when one is updated it updates the other. Easy to do in bind - but you've not given us enough info (ie, what DNS server software you are using ,etc) – ivanivan Jul 2 at 13:34
  • @rush, I installed bind – it dev Jul 3 at 3:55
  • @ivanivan, I use bind. Master DNS is in Windows Server 2016, and Slave DNS will be in Linux with bind. How to do? – it dev Jul 3 at 3:58

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