I have a directory on a ZFSoL 0.8.1 filesystem into which I cannot seem to mount anything, and I am quite puzzled ...

mypool/           => /mypool
mypool/fs1        => /mypool/fs1
mypool/fs2/fs2-1  => /mypool/fs2/fs2-1

All filesystems have mountpoints as default and inherited.

I also have a folder /mypool/folder. First, I tried to set it as a mountpoint for a filesystem from a different zfs pool, mypool2/fs1. This did not work. No error message, but eventually, the folder

  • does not contain the data from the filesystem (ls /mypool/folder
  • the filesystem is not mounted (zfs get mounted mypool2/fs1) and
  • the folder is not a mountpoint (mountpoint /mypool/folder)

Then I mounted mypool2/fs1 in the default location and tried to bind/mount the folder, to the same result. I can mount mypool2/fs1 a folder of a different name in the same location, and I CANNOT mount any other folder (ZFS or not) into /mypool/folder.

The mount command exit with status 0 and no error message, but the folder stays empty. Deleting and remaking it doesn't change anything.

/mypool/folder was, but currently is not in my fstab. It does not seem to be contained in any zfs property or any file in /etc. Nothing in dmesg. fuser and lsof do not return anything.

Anyone any idea, or some way forward to test?

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