Is there a way in any Linux GUI file manager to create a custom shortcut to a bash file to be executed using the selected file(s)?

Example: Create hash sums of this file.

Bash script: makehashsums.bash

(md5sum $@
sha1sum $@
sha512sum $@
cksum $@
sum $@ ) >>$@.hashsums.txt

These are not all available hashsum algorithms, but the most common ones.

If possible, it would be great if it is supported for multiple files.

How can I add such a custom option to the context menu of a Linux file manager? (Is there one that supports this feature?)


Depending on your Desktop env it should be fairly simple to add your own scripts to the Open-with dialogue.

enter image description here

For the script itself, you just cycle through the command line arguments. ~/bin/hashies:


# Don't want to get upset by
# whitespace in filenames.

# Cycle through inputs
for file in $*
    # Get hashes for the files
    # Store per target file.
        md5sum $file
        sha1sum $file
        sha512sum $file
        cksum $file
        sum $file
    ) > ${file}.hashsums.txt

# Probably don't need to bother with
# restoring the input field separator
# as the sub-shell is about to die.

  • 1
    That should be for file to work with whitespace in file names (it's equivalent to for file in "$@", which is the correct way to loop over arguments). And you don't need to override IFS. – l0b0 Jul 1 at 8:35
  • Very useful answer, thanks. But can it also be added to the direct context menu that gets shown immediately after the right mouse click? – neverMind9 Jul 2 at 15:14

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