I have 25 related pairs of files in a folder called Data. These files are named tcr1_r1.txt and tcr1_r2.txt, tcr2_r1.txt and tcr2_r2.txt, and so on until I reach tcr25… (or how many files pairs I have). My problem is that I need to pair them up and run a command on each pair in a batch file. Example:

command  tcr1_r1.txt  tcr2_r2.txt
command  tcr2_r1.txt  tcr2_r2.txt

How can I do this? I'm thinking a loop, but I can't seem to be able to separate and alternate the files on each command. I tried a nested loop but that just runs each "r1" file with all the "r2" files.

for filename1 in /Data/*_r1.txt
  for filename2 in /Data/*_r2.txt
     echo "$filename1 and $filename2"

I have tried to use Jeff Schaller’s answer.  Here are the exact shell file lines I tried:


for first in /mnt/data/Sequencing_core/Data/Raw_data/062419_TCRB_Vanessa_Danielle/20190624_FS10000703_3_BPC29606-1232/Alignment_1/20190625_132145/Fastq/*R1_001.fastq.gz

  echo "$first"
  echo "${first/_R1_001.fastq.gz/_R2_001.fastq.gz}" 


I must be missing something.  I’m getting a "Bad substitution" error message.

  • Please run the loop with my modification (echo the R1 name and the R2 name separately).  Then, as Jeff asked, show the output/error it gives.  And add the output of bash --version. – Scott Jun 29 at 1:02
  • 2
    I think you made a mistake in writing command tcr1_r1.txt tcr2_r2.txt - please edit if so. – Wildcard Jun 29 at 1:46

Two ways, depending on whether you want to care about the total number of files.

In the first way, you know the number of files is 25 (specifically named with 1 through 25):

for index in {1..25}
  command tcr"${index}"_r1.txt tcr"${index}"_r2.txt

Above, the (bash) shell expands the {1..25} to the full set of numbers; we then substitute those numbers into the appropriate place in the paired filenames.

In the second way, you don't know or care how many files there are:

for first in tcr*_r1.txt
  command "$first" "${first/_r1.txt/_r2.txt}"

Above, we loop over all of the "r1" files and substitute the "_r1.txt" part for the paired "_r2.txt".

  • Very clever. I'll give it a try. – Orion11 Jun 28 at 15:27
  • I must be missing something. I'm getting a "Bad substitution" error message. – Orion11 Jun 28 at 15:35
  • On which method? Are you using the bash shell? – Jeff Schaller Jun 28 at 16:39
  • The second way. – Orion11 Jun 28 at 16:57
  • I can't reproduce that error; could you please edit your question to show the command you ran, the output/error it gave, and the output of echo "$SHELL"? – Jeff Schaller Jun 28 at 17:55

You can just use xargs:

echo /Data/*_r[12].txt | xargs -n 2 the-command

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